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Job Readiness Training for Unemployed Workers in Northeast BC

Image Link: Obair Economic Society, Peace Region PCs Program

Peace Region PCs

Job Readiness Training for Unemployed Workers in Northeast BC

This is a 10 week program to help people enter or re-enter the workforce.

The program begins with 6 weeks of group based activities to help people be prepared to find and keep employment. These activities include:

1. Workshops that lay a foundation for employment including:

  • Personal assessments to help individuals make a job choice that will fit for them
  • Basic skills which are useful both on the job and in our personal lives such as:
    ~ Anger Management
    ~ Assertiveness training 
    ~ Communication skills 
    ~ Problem solving 
    ~ Handling conflict
  • Wellness skills including: 
    ~ Dealing with change 
    ~ Financial literacy 
    ~ Motivation and success 
    ~ Self-esteem 
    ~ Stress management
  • Making an individual plan for work now and in the future

2. Assistance with successful job search and employment including:

  •  Job search tools such as resumes, cover letters, and interview skills
  • Employer expectations, labour market information, and networking for job search 

3. Basic upgrading and computer skills.

Following the group based workshops, participants will enter a four week period geared to the needs of each participant's individual employment plan. This may include:

  • Completing short term skills training or certification
  • Researching and obtaining necessary work gear 
  • Work experience (paid or unpaid)
  • Supported job search
  • Support while beginning paid employment
  • Continuing to practice and improve skills such as:
    ~ writing, 
    ~ computing, and 
    ~ interviewing 
  •  Continuing to move forward revising and carrying out the individual's work plan

Who is eligible?

  • Unemployed, non-EI eligible
  • Legally able to work in Canada
  • Wanting new skills for employment
  • Committed to finding a new path to employment

Where is it offered?

This program rotates through communities in the Peace Region including Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, and Chetwynd, BC.

When will the next intake be?

Please contact us to find out the next start date in your community.

What is the program?

 It is a 10 week, full-time program to help people become employed. Sessions run from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday with an hour off for lunch.

How do I apply or get more information?

Please call us at 250-782-2628 or 1-800-905-9933 for more information or to find out about an intake interview. Intake interviews will happen in each community a short time before each intake start date.

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Peace Region PCs

This is a pilot project whose objective is to provide people with overhauled, donated computers. The project is for unemployed or underemployed people who do not have use of a computer.

By re-homing PCs, we can help people develop computer skills, access the online job market, and become employed.

  • Those receiving a computer must have access to the internet or be willing to get it.
  • Those receiving a computer are asked to give back to the community by choosing an organization to donate volunteer time. 

Computer skills are very important both in finding work and in doing most jobs. Having reliable access to a computer will help build and maintain people's computer skills. The computers received from this program will come with some training in its use and information materials for later reference. 

An added benefit of this program is that it reduces electronic waste.

Image: Thank You

A big THANK YOU to Lake View Credit Union for donating PCs and providing financial support from their Community Social Responsibility Fund.

Image: Lake View Credit Union Logo

And another big THANK YOU to North Peace Saving and Credit Union for donating PCs and laptops. 

Image: Thank You!
Image: North Peace Savings & Credit Union laptop donation
Image: North Peace Savings & Credit Union logo

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