Dawson Creek, BC
     ~ Main Office
  Fort St John, BC
     ~ Itinerant Service
  Chetwynd, BC
     ~ Itinerant Service
  Service to most of the
    Northeast region through
    these offices

The Obair Economic Society was formed in 1987 by a group of citizens concerned about unemployed workers in our community. They wished to provide services to assist the unemployed to become employed, especially those who were having the most problems getting a job. They had noticed that often the ones who needed the most help were the ones least likely to receive help.

Since then, the society has been able to provide a variety of programs and services related to employment. Funding is provided by a variety of ministries of both the Federal and Provincial governments. As governments change their policies, the programs and services we are funded to provide change as well.

Many people wonder where our name came from and what it means. "Obair" is a Gaelic word that means "work", and the name was chosen to represent the work that we do.

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